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FindHer Mindset & Marketing Business Retreat

Bali, Indonesia - 19th to 24th October 2024


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Imagine escaping to a place where the day greets you with possibilities, not pressures.

Entrepreneurs sometimes simply smile to hide their exhaustion. Behind closed spreadsheets, they dream of serene mornings, not deadlines.

You're not alone.

Picture a haven where business challenges dissolve as you soak up the sunshine and feel the light jungle breezes, where laughter mingles seamlessly with insightful conversations on how to grow your business.

What if the peace missing from your life is just a journey away?

What if uninterrupted joy while growing professionally wasn't just a fairy tale?

It's time we uncover the secrets to a balanced life of business success and self-care. A place exists where business and pleasure aren't just compatible—they're intermingled in joyous pampering activities.

Are you willing to explore this path? 

It's within reach ....

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Stress-free arrival & departure.

Upon your arrival in Bali, your dedicated driver will warmly greet you and ensure seamless transportation to our villa, setting the tone for a relaxing retreat. 

Likewise, for your departure, timely transport to the airport guarantees the start of a stress-free journey home.


1. Four nights: Beautiful modern 6-bedroom villa located in the jungle, on the outskirts of Ubud. King-size bed. Private bathroom. Your room opens to an expansive terrace. 

2. One night: Stunning world-class boutique hotel in Sanur. King-size bed. Modern luxurious. 


We believe that a well-fed body nurtures a thriving mind. That's why we've curated an exquisite dining experience for you right in the heart of Bali's vibrant culinary scene. Daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner are included. This retreat is not just about getting away from it all; it's about a culinary journey like no other.


Be immersed in a magical experience where energy healing, massages, spa indulgences, yoga, and enchanting excursions intertwine, painting a canvas of holistic rejuvenation. These divine offerings await, seamlessly woven into your retreat experience, all included in the price.


Discover the timeless wisdom of traditional marketing techniques, paired with cutting-edge insights into modern strategies harnessing the power of AI. Unveil the secrets to business growth through this dynamic fusion of tried-and-true methods and innovative approaches, all within reach.


Engage in vibrant discussions and seek solutions for your business and life challenges amidst a supportive community of peers and the expertise of Master of Marketing Karley Beadman, propelling your journey forward with clarity and confidence.

You won't need to spend money unless you want to shop for souvenirs and clothes, accessories and art, or if you're a big drinker. To avoid expensive international bank fees, you should get a Wise travel card. Wise digital cards are free to add to your phone wallet, but if you want a physical card, click here to apply for a free card.
Our all-inclusive 6-day, 5-night exclusive FindHer Mindset & Marketing Business Retreat is limited to 8 guests, but this could be extended to 12 guests if the demand is there.
You will receive a full travel checklist six weeks before departure to assist with your personal travel needs. 

Experience the diversity of culture, modern comforts, world-class healthy cuisine, relaxation and comfort in the land of the gods.

Don't let this opportunity to

rejuvenate your mind and body,

connect with like-minded women,


enhance your marketing skills ....pass you by!


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