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Fig & Cassis Luxury Scented Candle

If you’re searching for a way to give a gift of luxury with a rich and exotic fragrance, look no further than Delight Homewares! The scent is a delightful combination of sweet, freshly cut figs complemented by soothing undertones of cassis.


$42.00 $32.05

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"Creating special candles for my client's candles is an absolute pleasure."

- Sydney candle maker Helen Wootten, owner of Delight Homewares, specialising in custom client gifts.


Felt Finger Puppet Set - Fairies and Gnomes

Finger puppets help create enchanting storytelling sessions and magical playtime. These meticulously hand-felted fairies and gnomes finger puppets are made from natural wool felt.  A delightful gift to nurture a toddler's imagination.

Finger Puppets


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"Please know how grateful we are that when you buy from us, you are supporting an Australian small family business.."

- Cath Mitchem, a proudly autistic single mum of 3 who is encouraged to see more and more people considering the environmental impact of what they buy. Cath states that a toy is not great value unless it lasts and is loved.


Elderflower Refreshing Mist

Made by Aussenskin from Australian aromatherapy oils, fruits & extracts, this gorgeous gift is for someone with sensitive skin who appreciates sustainable and ethical ingredients. This quintessential Mist is for toning. Enclosed in the gift, your friend will discover sustainable, eco-friendly, reusable makeup removers.

Aussenskin skincare bottle of Mist spray

$44.00afterpay icon

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"It's not just about skincare; it's about nurturing both your skin and mind, embracing the transformative power of self-care." 

- Victoria Sorrell, creator and owner of the all-natural skincare that works, Aussenskin.


Facial Glow Oil and Clay Mask Bundle

The facial glow oil and clay mask bundle is great for your skin. The facial oil contains turmeric, vitamin E, argan oil, and rose oil, leaving your skin hydrated and glowing. The clay mask cleanses, calms, reduces redness, evens skin tone, and has anti-aging and anti-acne properties, making the duo the ideal gift for every woman.

Just Beautiful bottle of mask


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"Just Beautiful is the one-stop destination for cruelty-free, organic, vegan skincare and makeup."

- Karin Hughes, virtual beauty consultant, entrepreneur, owner and creator of Just Beautiful online and in-store beauty experience. Located at 84 William Street, Port Macquarie, NSW


Pocket Hearts

Crafted for young children needing extra care, Pocket Hearts offer hand-carved crystal worry stones to soothe, support, and provide comfort beyond their comfort zones. These pocket-sized gems, small yet potent, fit in tiny hands and help absorb anxiety during challenging moments. They aim to calm the mind, ground the body, and activate the inherent magic of each crystal: love, courage, luck, joy, or soothing qualities.

Just Beautiful bottle of mask


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"Each stone is carefully selected and carved, serving as a natural, unique token of affection, reinforcing your child's special place in your heart."

- Cecilia Le, a modern creative, and mum of two beautiful kiddies.


Boobtastic Bickies and Bickie Mix Starter Pack

The Milk Mumma Co's sweetest tease in their collection is the perfect gift for a breastfeeding friend! This starter pack duo contains all the cheeky treats and mixes that fans adore from the famous Boobtastic Bickies and Mixes range.

Healthy biscuits for breastfeeding mothers

$48.95 $45.00

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"I launched The Milk Mumma Co in December 2021. We (I say we, but it is myself and my little 8-month-old side-kick) developed kick-ass products specifically designed with the breastfeeding and postpartum Mumma in mind."

- Go-getter and Registered Nurse, and Mumma to Harry, Kellie Field, owner and creator of The Milk Mumma Co.


We Get Around (Caravan) Doormat

The cheerful design by Mats Amore. This (caravan) doormat conveys enthusiasm for new adventures —a thoughtful gift for those who appreciate the nostalgia of travelling or for someone newly retired.

Hand painted matt on grass


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"I've found that most doormats are pretty boring, but that’s not the first impression I want to give to visitors. That’s why I began creating functional doormats with a little bit of flair." 

- Allie Speechley, stationery addict, mother runner, lover of bubble tea, and Founder of Mats Amore.


Tiara Birthday Crown ~ Rose Gold GLITTER ~ Pink

Handmade at Schooza, this stunning rose gold shimmer crown is the ultimate accessory for every sweet birthday girl. A glittering, easy-to-wear headpiece will make the little lady feel like a princess and shine like a twinkling star in every photo.

Sparkly children's crown


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"It really makes my day to have such fabulous customers and to hear that they really love the product I have created for them." 

- Liz Hill, small business owner and crafter, who is always creating something new for her customers to enjoy.


Cushion Cover and Two Greeting Cards Gift Set

Spoil yourself or the special people in your life with Geebizart pretty cushion covers gift sets, which consist of one Geebizart lovely cushion cover and two Geebizart colourful A6 greeting cards of your choice.

A bunny cushion and two greeting cards


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"I hope my artworks will brighten people's living spaces and bring them joy." 

- Gwen Lukman, an Australian artist who I love using vibrant, bright colours.


Mamma-To-Be Notecards

This gift is for the lady who has already got a full plate plus she's growing a small human. 'note-it-now has an easy fix for her to connect with her baby bump + remember her pregnancy journey.

Notecards with a cup of tea


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"'note it now’ was born out of the desire to find my purpose + be around for my babes’ + celebrate people’s stories." 

-  Jodie Franklin, mum of two little ones who has found her purpose.




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