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08/05/2023 in Get Found Online

My Favourite Facebook and Instagram Ads Course in 2023

My Favourite Facebook and Instagram Ads Course in 2023

Let's make this super brief because here's the thing ....

If You're A Small Business Owner, You Need To Advertise

When you started your business, you dreamed of a bright and financially rewarding future. You also dreamed about how the product or service you want to bring to the market will help or delight people. 

As Zig Ziglar famously said,

"You can have everything in life you want if you help enough people get what they want."

So how do you find these people to give them what they want?

When starting a business, most aspiring small business owners and entrepreneurs are so caught up in creating their brand identity and perfecting their product or service offering that they forget they need to set aside a huge chunk of change to pay for advertising. 

Without advertising, how can you possibly create enough brand awareness

If you don't create brand awareness, how can you possible reach enough people who want your offer? 

Of course you can become a slave to SEO, content creation and post to social media every day, and doing these attraction activities can be fun and highly rewarding in the future, but when you think deeply here about the opportunity costs and pay yourself an hourly wage for these activities, you may be shocked to discover that you're making less than minimum wage.

Let’s talk social media, because it’s easier than SEO…..

Let's say you pay yourself or a social media manager a measly $30 per hour to create social media content, post it to social media, and then engage with potential customers on social media platforms. And let's just say half an hour a day is spent on these organic marketing tasks. This time and effort cost you $15 every day.

Would you prefer to spend $5 a day instead? 

You can!

You can run traffic ads to your potential customers for as little as $5 or even $4 a day. The difference between $15 and $4 is only $11 each day; over a month, this equals to saving only $330! But, over a year, running ads on Facebook and Instagram will save you $3960! Wow! 

If my guess is right, I know you still want to do organic digital marketing because you've been told time and time again that you MUST post to social media all the time, but here's the icing on that baked cake .... the Facebook and Instagram ads you create can be posted to your Facebook and Instagram feed. 

Most people like decorations on their iced cake, so check this out .... these 'organic' posts on your social media feed (that you are using for Facebook and Instagram Ads) will get Likes and Comments because thousands of people will see them. When your posts get Likes and Comments, the algorithm shows your organic posts to more people. It's like killing two birds with one scone... I mean cake.

If you don't know how to do Facebook or Instagram Ads (or TikTok Ads) or if you've tried them and they didn't work (big hint here, it wasn't your targeting), or if you've paid an agency that was full of promises but didn't get you sales, then do the course I did with Jana Bishop

You'll have your ads up within an hour, like I did. 

Full disclaimer: Over the past few years, I've done numerous Facebook Ads courses, but recently I wanted a 'refresher' course because there are always changes inside the Ads Manager dashboard, and I was scared I'd miss something important or worse, I'd press the wrong button and waste money, and then, voila .... Jana Bishop Bootcamp Course targeted me on Facebook and Instagram. 

It felt ridiculous not to do Jana Bishop's course because many people were saying positive things about her course to her in her Facebook Ads, and her responses were thoughtful, smart and kind. When I clicked through to her sales page to discover even more positive testimonials, it made me stop and think that this lady Ad expert will be perfect for me. 

Then I saw the price of her course, and I didn't hesitate buying her course because I have never seen an Ads course this cheap, with so many positive testimonials.

And yes, price is indicative of quality but Jana throws that rule book out the window. 

Her course is pure gold. She uses her unique simple system for setting up and running Facebook Ads. I was so happy with her simple system for Ads and the positive ROAS I got, and couldn't wait to tell you about it, SO YOU CAN LEARN ADS OR FRESHEN UP YOUR SKILLS LIKE I DID SO YOU MAKE SALES QUICKLY, so I signed up as a partner with Jana. I'll get paid a small commission if you purchase Jana's affordable course. To be frank, I'm an affiliate partner with all the creators of the ads courses I did in the past, and I wish to pay no disrespect to these wonderful people, but Jana's course is the most effective Ads course I"ve done. 

Jana doesn't beat around the bush with waffle. 

It's a take-action course, ideal for both service and product businesses. 

You will have your ads running within an hour. Her step by step course is simple to follow.

Here's the link to Jana Bishop's Ads Bootcamp ... (you will be SHOCKED at the price) www.janabishop/bootcamp 

Here's the link to Jana Bishop's Course Suite ... www.jbctrainings.com/dyicourses

Written by Karley Beadman

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This is very useful thanks Karley. I have tried FB ads with limited success so signed up for this course and have already learnt a lot from the first couple of modules. Great value for money too. Thanks
Karley Beadman Verified Member
I'm so happy you're getting value out of Jana's course.

I'm a huge fan of O Gosh Shop, and more online shoppers need to know about your Australian and ethically made products! Well, they will soon!
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