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New AI Search Browser

New AI Search Browser

The way we and our customers interact with the internet is changing. 

This week Arc Search was introduced. Arch Search is an AI browser app for iOS. 

Arc Search for Windows is coming soon, so be savvy by being an early adopter … https://browserco.typeform.com/to/l9lYbJtU#source=download_email

Unlike traditional browsers such as Chrome or Safari, Arc Search offers a distinctive search approach. When you initiate a query in conventional browsers, you are presented with a list of links, prioritising sponsored ads and SEO-optimised websites, often determining the winners in the sales game.

However, when you opt for Arc Search's "Browse for me" feature, it takes on the task of conducting a web search on your behalf. The result is a website-style overview of the findings, excluding sponsored ads and top organic websites. Let me emphasise that once more – "sponsored ads and top organic websites are skipped!"

This prompts the question: Will Google Ads, and by extension, Google Ads Managers, become obsolete? 

The likelihood increases because, with Arc scraping content directly, the click-through rates diminish, leading to zero audience engagement and, subsequently, reduced ad revenue.

But what about SEO?

The implication is clear – the days of writing superficial blogs that merely scratch the surface of a topic (like this one) will soon be dust. 

We need to create killer pillar content that covers the topic comprehensively.  Content relevant and wanted by your target market is the key we give the AI search browsing tools. But is it? 

If you think your customers aren’t early adopters of AI, I think your thinking needs to jump into the AI space because Arch Search isn’t the only AI search tool out there. We’ve had Perplexity for a while, and Copilot (formerly known as Bing Chat) is trending.

The AI space is evolving, and being ahead of the curve is essential for staying relevant in the digital landscape.

Written by Karley Beadman

Master of Marketing with Distinction, Bach. of Education, Professional Member and Certified Practicing Marketer with the Australian Marketing Institute. 








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