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Intentional Money Management

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Be intentional with your money to build the life of your dreams.
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Learn to get on the same page as your partner, to set a household budget together so that your priorities align and you can create the future that you both dream about.
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10% of profits go to Beyond Blue

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Intentional Money Management
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Coaches + Mentors
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Curtin University - Bachelor of Accounting & Corporate Administration
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Tax Agent
Certified Profit First Professional (Mastery Level)
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About Intentional Money Management

Intentional Money Management is all about making sure that couples can see eye to eye when it comes to finances.

Often we see where priorities don't align - one person wants to live a nomadic lifestyle and explore and have adventures, but the other loves to stay at home in their PJ's.  One wants to manage money down to the last cent and the other just wants to have fun and live life.

By understanding each other better, there's an opportunity to have some amazing conversations about how you like to spend your money so that you can both live your best life without feeling frustrated or dampened by your partner and their views of the world.

Our flagship program, Money Matters, is designed to do several things to help you as a couple be more intentional:

1. Understand your values
2. Create a household budget using bank accounts (not spreadsheets)
3. Ensure you have thought about all the what if moments as well as the opportunities coming up
4. Explore your dreams so that you can create a plan for them to come true
5. Give you the skills to continue on with being able to tweak and update your household budget every few months in a simple and easy way.

Hi, I'm Jodi Porteous!

I am a Money Management Coach - which means I assist my clients with the practical and emotional sides of money - both how to prepare a household budget, but also how to understand yourself and your partner better so that money becomes less of a taboo topic in your house and more of a means to an end.

And that end - is a healthier and happier family.  To bring more love to your relationship, with less resentment and fights that are caused by not being clear on values, priorities and how you treat money.  Plus being together long-term you want to do more than just live pay to pay, knowing that the good money you are earning feels like it is being wasted.

I teach skills to create your household budget (in a different way that is not spreadsheets), but also ask questions and cheer you on to find the best ways for you to work together. I love working with couples so that they can find common ground to develop a path to the future that's right for them.

I have years of experience teaching money management skills, with practical accounting and tax experience as well (although I don't practice much as an accountant any more in my other business Northwest Accountancy).

What I value most: Love, Family, Adventures & Exploring, Caring for the Environment and Learning. 

Over the years I have struggled being the money manager in our household.  As the accountant, it was my burden to bear, but I wasn't having fun with it - but it felt like it was just a chore and something to worry about.  Now, with some tips I have learned from my husband (who is a lot more relaxed about money than me) as well as tips I have learned from being a Profit First Professional since 2019, as well as being in the Denise Duffield-Thomas's Money BootCamp since 2021, I am able to share more of what I know to help couples to really decide what's important for them and to be really intentional with the money they do have, so that they can make the most of their lives together.  This is combined with the practical skills of money management, like setting up bank accounts and reviewing costs, with the goal setting and dream creating skills of money planning.

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