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Women-Owned Businesses in Australia Clean Burn Candle in Adelaide

Clean Burn Candle

Home Fragrances
Adelaide, SA, 5023

The home of low allergen ∼Designed with comforting aromas for everyone
Business Bio
After experiencing reactions to fragrances and avoiding scents for 20 years due to sensitivity to smell, I decided to take the plunge and dive nose-deep and find out why? ⁣

Clean Burn Candle, the home of low allergen, was created for the most sensitive noses and for the whole family to enjoy.

✧ Additive-free natural soy wax. ⁣
✧ Cotton lead-free wicks.⁣
✧ Non-toxic fragrance.⁣
✧ Essential oil blends.⁣
✧ Sustainable practices.⁣
✧ Refill service in Adelaide.

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Business Name
Clean Burn Candle
Adelaide, SA, 5023

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