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A bit boho - A bit bling
Business Bio
Desiderate is a jewellery business we help our customers feel stylish beautiful and special. Our original designs are handcrafted from silver and gemstones and pearls.
Social Cause
Desiderate donates a portion of its profits to Lupus Australia. This cause is close to our hearts as our founder Janine has been living with lupus for more than a decade.

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PO BOX 851
Nominations and Awards

Award Winning Jewellery From An Australian Jewellery Brand   

We are incredibly proud to be an award winning jewellery brand.Forget the humble brag - we're unashamedly showing off!It’s because of our amazing customers that we have won so many awards. 

So we thank you for supporting a small, independent Australian business. When you support an award winning jewellery brand, you can buy with confidence. You know that you’ll get lovely designs, efficient online shopping and excellent customer service — award winning quality!  

We’ve won more than 20 awards

Our founder Janine, says: “I put my heart and soul into this business so it’s wonderful to be an award winning jewellery business. To me it’s proof that we have a business that is world-class.  “Running a small business in Australia isn’t always easy. So getting this recognition makes me incredibly proud.  “I think too many women struggle to celebrate their wins. From a young age, we’ve been conditioned to be humble and quiet. So I can help change that by sharing our success and encouraging you to do the same in your life and business.” 

The awards that mean the most

“I am particularly pleased with the design awards we have won. I’m not a designer and I taught myself how to turn the ideas in my mind into the jewellery you can buy online.  “And of course, the customer service awards are brilliant because they recognise the amazing dedication and commitment of our team. They really do bend over backwards to give our customers the best possible online shopping experience and I am so grateful to them.” 

Some of the awards we’ve won recently

Customer service/loyalty program awards 

Gold Stevie Winner - Best Shopping Site
Bronze Stevie Winner - Customer Service - Ethics in Sales 2022
Silver Stevie Winner - Solution Provider Awards - Incentive, Rewards or Recognition Provider of the Year 2022 

Design awards

Silver Award Winner - Mumpreneur Fashion Business 2021
Winner Women With Altitude - Excellence in Original Creative - 2021
Product Design - Mumpreneurs 2022 - Finalist 
Fashion Award - Mumpreneur 2022 - Finalist
Business and leadership awards Gold Stevie Winner - Company of the Year - Apparel, Beauty & Fashion 
Named in Australia's Top 50 Small Business Leaders 2021
Silver Stevie Winner - Entrepreneur of the Year 2021Finalist - Australian Small Business Champion 2021Finalist Australian Small Business Entrepreneur 2022
Finalist Australian Small Business Champion - Online Business 2022
Mumpreneur Of The Year - 2022 - Finalist
Gold Winner - Business Excellence - Mumpreneur 2022  

Local business awards

Winner Local Business Awards - Jewellery Store - Illawarra and South Coast NSW 2022
Finalist - Local Business Awards - Jewellery 2020
Winner - Mumspages #13 Most Popular Service Provider in the Wollongong Region 2021
Regional Business of The Year 2022 - Mumpreneur Awards - Finalist

Retail awards 

Silver Stevie Winner - Product Company of the Year 2021
Finalist - My Business Awards - Retail Business of the Year 2021 
Retail Business - Ecommerce - Mumpreneur Awards 2022 - Finalist

Best Selling Product or Service

Say hello to our jewellery virtual try on tool

Not sure how a lovely ring will appear on your hand? Try it on virtually! 

When you’re shopping online for jewellery, have you ever thought, ‘I wish I could try that on?’ 

Now you can! 

Our new jewellery virtual try on system is a game changer. 

It’s easy - No buggy apps to download — just tap to begin. 

It’s fun - Try on rings on each finger and hand — as many as you want! 

It’s fast - It takes just a few seconds to start virtually trying on your favourites. 

What is the jewellery virtual try on system?

It’s a simple and fun way for you to see how jewellery will appear in person, to help you decide what to buy. If you’ve ever been jewellery shopping online, and wondered how a piece will actually look, you will love our jewellery virtual try on system. 

The technology superimposes a picture of the jewellery over your photo, so you can get an idea of how will look in real life.

We admit, the jewellery virtual try on system is not perfect. It is not intended as a substitute for trying on jewellery in person. 

But we think it comes a pretty close second! 

Use the ‘reverse’ camera function to aim the camera towards your left or right hand.    
During our trials with the technology, a small percentage of people found it tricky. But with 88% of our testers agreeing that it’s easy to use, accurate and fun, we knew we had to let our customers be the judge.

What our customers say about our jewellery virtual try on tool

“It’s so fun. I wasn’t sure how it would work but I just followed the prompts and tried on a few rings easily.” Angela

 “I’m not great with technology and apps, but I worked this out quickly!” Pat 

“I hate bothering sales assistants in store while I try on heaps of rings so I will use this instead!” Kate

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About Desiderate

Australian silver jewellery that’s a little bit boho, a little bit bling

We believe you’ve worked hard your whole life, and now you can have whatever you like. We make Australian silver jewellery for women who know what they like and want to enjoy treating themselves.

Our beginnings, with our founder Janine Leghissa

Desiderate was born when I found myself with a chronic incurable illness and I had to find a way to support my family. 

After being diagnosed with Lupus SLE, my health went downhill and I couldn't work. I lost my eyesight, my hair and so much more, but this is about how I turned it around.

Before becoming so unwell, I owned and lived in my dream home. I had worked so hard to achieve this and yet it all came tumbling down.

I was left with no home or income, and I needed cash—fast. I did anything I could think of, which included selling my jewellery collection to cover my rising bills. 

I knew I had to rebuild my life into something I wanted to live and with my health what I could do was restricted, and I'd lost my home, my career and my health. I was really desperate to survive

I had no idea of starting a jewellery business, I was only worried about providing for my children and building a new life.

But as the jewellery began to sell on my Facebook page, I realised my love of gems also presented an opportunity. Word spread and people began coming to me, asking for particular styles and pieces.

I fell back on my background in colour and design. Previously I was an award-winning artist and had a career in senior management in with international hairdressing companies specialising in colour and design.

I began sourcing stones and commissioning jewellers to produce pieces to my specifications. My own struggles showed me that finding Australian silver jewellery can be difficult. I knew what I liked, and didn’t fancy all the trends. I also wanted quality, with pieces that would last decades without staining, fading or breaking.

Desiderate was born in 2017 and since then, I’ve grown the business to employ a team and support overseas silversmiths and artists (many of them female) with commissions of unique pieces. I’ve built our website and taught myself how to run a successful ecommerce business. 

I’m beyond grateful for the support of my valued customers. Desiderate is my phoenix rising from the ashes. I didn’t know then that it would be the catalyst to living a more complete life, one that I could only dream of years ago. 

We give back to the community by supporting Lupus NSW

A portion of our proceeds is donated to Lupus NSW to raise funds for lupus education, treatment and support. It makes us incredibly proud to be able to support this very worthy cause.

In everything we do, we celebrate women

You know what you like and you expect quality, but not at outrageous prices. 

Now’s the time to treat yourself. You have precious memories, and often your jewellery is a memento of those times. 

You love a sparkly treat that shows your style and personality. 

We see you, we hear you, we know you and we create jewellery with you in mind.

 Meet the Desiderate team
Desiderate Award Winning Team

What Desiderate means and how to pronounce it

Desiderate means ‘to feel a keen desire’. 

For us, it means the feeling you get when you see a cute piece of jewellery and you really want it! 

Some customers aren’t sure how to pronounce our name. 

Phonetically, it’s DEE— ZID — ER— ET. 

Quality jewellery

Every piece is made to the highest standards from top-quality materials and stones. 


Affordable prices

We strive to keep prices competitive and affordable while maintaining excellent quality.

Limited editions

We source limited runs from our artisanal silversmiths from around the world.

Australian owned

We’re 100% Australian-owned and a local, family-operated small business.

Fast dispatch.

Janine assumes her customers are as impatient as she is, so we dispatch your order fast.

 We’re boutique, not mass market

Our pieces are created internationally, gathering together jewellers, gem dealers and silversmiths to create unique, limited-run exclusive pieces. 

Manufacturing using a myriad of artists and suppliers isn’t an overnight process, so when products sell out, it takes time to produce the next batch. 

When you buy from Desiderate, you can be confident that you’ll get a limited-edition piece, made from quality stones and metals that you can enjoy for decades to come.

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Comfortable, stylish, flattering clothing in natural fabrics for women.

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