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The Poschology Collective

Mindset Coaches
Randwick, NSW, 2031

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Beat Imposter Syndrome and self doubt to reach your full potential
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Confidence & Imposter syndrome coach working with professional women in media and corporate to unlock their true potential and take the next big step in their career.

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The Poschology Collective
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The Poschology Collective
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Mindset Coaches
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Randwick, NSW, 2031
University Studies
BA English Literature & Language - Lancaster University
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ICF Diploma of Professional Coaching
The Impostor Syndrome Institute Licensed Associate
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Power up your potential - our signature package.  An 8 week mindset mastery and mindfulness coaching program designed to help you ditch self doubt, self sabotage and imposter syndrome. So you can maximise your career and life to reach your true potential without being afraid. 

Based on a 3 step framework:

In step 1 we get super clear on your values and where you are living out of alignment because if you don’t have a clarity on what you want out of your career and life you are essentially trying to navigate your life without a gps! So we get clear and spend time designing your dream lifestyle.

In step 2  We uncover why you feel this way and what’s really been holding you back , those stories and beliefs you hold that are unhelpful and unproductive. We get them into our conscious awareness so we can reprogram the way we think and make our minds work for us instead of against us.

In Step 3 We work on the actions you need to take to get to your desired lifestyle and goals with absolute confidence so you can go for that job,  that promotion or those dates or whatever it is you really want to achieve.

My clients have reported feeling more confident, ready to tackle their goals, losing the layer of self doubt and stopping the negative self talk.

Imagine being able to:

✅ Speak up when you want to or need to without fear holding you back

✅ Choosing progress over perfection and boundaries over people pleasing

✅ Taking setbacks, mistakes or perceived failures as learning experiences

✅ Confidently chasing & attracting everything that you want

✅ And celebrating your wins to validate yourself everyday

What you get:

  • 8 weeks of self paced online learning modules
  • 6 x group calls
  • 80 page program journal
  • Rethinking Imposter Syndrome workshop
  • bonus module on self discipline plus other bonus materials 
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About The Poschology Collective

Professional ambitious women, it’s time to break the imposter syndrome cycle....

Ladies, let’s put an end to imposter syndrome, burnout, toxic perfectionist culture and never feeling good enough.


Can you relate to any of this?

  • You’re ready to make changes in your life but overwhelmed by the thought of it?You’re tired of feeling stuck and unfulfilled in your career and have a desire to do more?
  • You’re ready to stop sharing the stage with self doubt to showcase your inner brilliance and get the recognition you deserve in your career?
  • You want to feel more connected to your work and yourself, set goals that excite you and lead. with empathy without feeling like you’re letting anyone down, including yourself?
  • You sometimes get paralysed by the fear of change and judgment and wish you could show up with confidence and self belief?

Why Power Up Your Potential?

Professional women face unique challenges, from few (if any) female role models, underrepresentation in leadership (directors, chairs, boards, politics etc.) unpaid care and domestic labour, to the internalised ‘good girl’ complex.We have such high (unrealistic) expectations of ourselves. Done is never good enough and slowly but surely, we start chipping away at the confident, driven person we once were. Stress, anxiety and self doubt become our default and we become stuck, unsure how to move forward and not really sure how we got here in the first place.Power up your potential breaks this harmful cycle through coaching, connection and expert training. I designed this program specifically for you, addressing the unique and stressful challenges of both work and life.Not only are you supported by me, but you’ll connect with women just like you, who can relate to your experiences, your desires and your vulnerabilities as a professional.

Ditch self doubt, smash your imposter syndrome and step into the most powerful, potent version of life.

Power up your potential is an eight-week, intimate group coaching program for professional, ambitious women that are sick of feeling stuck, small and uninspired.

This was me, 20+ years working in advertising, feeling imposter syndrome, analysis paralysis and desperately needing a change.

After years of quietly suffering, I burned out, like so many other talented women..

And it wasn’t until this break down that I finally decided to break the cycle. I studied positive psychology, became an ICF certified coach specialising in imposter syndrome and began to heal. I transformed my behaviours and negative thought patterns to reclaim my power and created this program so you can do the same.

Overcome self-doubt and imposter syndrome, build confidence, self-worth and critical coping skills for a happy, balanced and fulfilled life.

What you get in this program

  • 1 x welcome and introduction call to introduce you to the program, the platform and each other.
  • 6 x Group coaching callsWeekly coaching calls to help embed the learning and answer questions.
  • 8 x self paced video teaching modulesShort learning videos to guide you through the weeks in 8 modules.
  • Program Journal - With prompts and useful exercises to support you through the program.
  • Private Facebook groupSo you can connect and get support whenever you need from me or each other.
  • Bonus Modules & Resources - Plus exclusive bonus modules, masterclasses & resources added regularly.

This program has the power to transform your mindset, break the burn out cycle and change your life...

...but only if you’re committed.

You get to decide how happy you are in life.

You have the choice to change it and this program can help you can get on the path to amazing!


Join the program today!



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