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Mudita Essentials

Health & Wellbeing Products + Services

Your wellness starts here.
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Aromatherapy self-care products for anyone who likes to be pampered and needs some 'me time' or a lift up with our best selling Energising Mist Spray.
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Mudita Essentials
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Health & Wellbeing Products + Services
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About Mudita Essentials

All About Muditā – enriching your mind, body & soul through the art of aromatherapy

Pronounced “moo-dee-TAH”


  1. joy; especially sympathetic or vicarious joy 
  2. the pleasure that comes from delighting in other people's well-being

Here at Muditā, just as our name suggests, we gain pure joy from creating products that indulge all of your senses. 

We believe lives are enriched greatly when essential oils are added to the daily routine. Whether you are seeking to promote relaxation, or self-love; if you are looking to relieve pain or need a rejuvenating energy boost; Muditā have the perfect blend for you. 

A proudly Australian owned, family run company; we use suppliers who source all of the highest quality ingredients from local farmers and suppliers every opportunity we get. We guarantee all our products are 100% pure and organic (wherever possible) with zero fillers, synthetics or harmful chemicals. 

All Muditā products are ones we embrace and use ourselves. With all our ingredients sourced from the earth, we value creating eco-friendly products that look to support the health and sustainability of our beautiful planet as well as our beautiful Muditā community. 

With our in-house qualified Aromatherapist behind every product design, we can safely say every Muditā product is made with complete knowledge, heart and soul. 



Mudita Essentials FindHer Product or Service

$26.00 In Stock
Yoga Mat Freshening Spray

The natural way to ensure your senses are as balanced as your poses. Complement your practice with a refreshing and... View More

$49.00 In Stock
Pamper Pack
Mudita Essentials

Looking for a way to show your loved ones how much you appreciate them? Give the gift of self-care! This Muditã... View More

$30.60 In Stock
Meraki Body & Hand Wash and Lotion Gift Set

Indulge in the uplifting aroma of our Meraki Lotion and Body & Hand Wash. Made from 100% natural ingredients and... View More

$29.00 In Stock
Handmade Soap & Exfoliating Mitt

Handmade oil-infused soaps and mitt (reusable exfoliating sisal soap saver).  Our soaps are carefully handmade... View More

$22.00 In Stock
Bath Soak, Handmade Soap & Mitt Gift Pack

The cutest plastic-free gift box with our stunning soap & bath salts. A delightful present for anyone who loves... View More

$67.00 In Stock
Aromatherapy Mist Spray & Handmade Soap Gift Pack

Our Aromatherapy sleep & energy mist is a blend of calming, energizing and refreshing essential oils that help... View More


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