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Baby Business

Pregnancy & New Parents
Australia Wide

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Early Parenting Support. Home visits or video consultations available.
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Bulk Billed Video Consultations available Australia wide (up to 6 weeks postpartum).
In-home early parenting and breastfeeding support for Gold Coast, South Brisbane and Northern NSW families.

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Baby Business
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Bec Dawson
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Pregnancy & New Parents
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Australia Wide
University Studies
Bachelor of Midwifery
Testamur 1
Certifications & Trades
International Board Certified Lactation Consultant
Certificate 1
Professional Affiliations
AHPRA - Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Authority
IBCLE - International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners
LCANZ - Lactation Consultants of Australia & New Zealand
ACM - Australian College of Midwives
ABA - Australian Breastfeeding Association
ICLA - International Lactation Consultant Association
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About Baby Business

Hi, I’m Bec Dawson. I’m a Registered Midwife (Endorsed) and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and I genuinely care about you and your family.

Baby Business provides early parenting support and lactation services in the comfort of your own home (for Gold Coast, South Brisbane and Tweed residents) or via video consultations (nationally). 

In-home respite is also available for local families or those visiting the Gold Coast.

My aim is to educate couples, toward the end of pregnancy, about what to expect once their baby arrives. Then support them while they learn to trust their parenting instincts and choices after they take their baby home. My hope is that by

sharing my knowledge of newborn behaviour and reassuring parents that everything they’re experiencing is normal 

I can make a difference in the lives of as many families as possible. If you book a consultation with me, I’ll be there to support you without judgement and guide you while you develop the confidence to relax and follow your intuition when it comes to caring for your baby your way. 

Many women find breastfeeding difficult in the beginning. For something so natural, it rarely happens naturally. 

Issues such as nipple pain or damage, babies who can’t or won’t latch, real or perceived low milk supply and engorged breasts are extremely common. Those things can be stressful enough but add to that the lack of sleep and sometimes conflicting advice and it becomes a highly emotional and vulnerable time.  If you’re an expectant parent my Preparation for Parenting service can give you some insight into what the first few weeks with a newborn are going to be like. By just having this knowledge many of these problems can be avoided. 

If this isn’t your first baby but you didn’t quite meet your breastfeeding goals in the past then an Antenatal Lactation Consultation will be invaluable for you. We can talk about your previous experiences and together make a plan to achieve your goals this time around. This service is also perfect if you have family members or close friends with newborns (so don’t need the in-depth information provided in a Preparation for Parenting consultation) but would like to learn more about breastfeeding prior to your baby’s arrival. 

Breastfeeding takes practice, patience and persistence but if you are experiencing difficulties or are being told something that doesn’t feel right sometimes you also need evidence-based advice. If you’ve hit a little hurdle and would like some support and encouragement to enable you to continue breastfeeding I can assist you during a Postnatal Lactation Consultation. With an initial consultation, that is long enough to get to the bottom of any problems you’re facing, plus a video follow-up to ensure you feel comfortable moving forward there’s nothing you can’t overcome. 

If feeding is going well but you aren't sure whether your baby's behaviour is normal or you are lacking in the sleep department I can help with my Parenting Support service. I can recommend different techniques to settle your crying baby, and to ease your concerns I’ll reassure you about “normal” newborn behaviour from a biological point of view.  Or why not get some well-deserved, and much needed, sleep with in-home respite. I will take your baby for a walk or just cuddle them for you (whichever you are most comfortable with) while you rest easy knowing that your baby is safe with a midwife who has spent many hours caring for newborn babies. If you can't decide between advice or sleep then my Parenting Support Plus package is for you, this 10 hour package can be tailored specifically to meet your needs (overnight stays available).

You will no doubt have many questions throughout your pregnancy, early parenting and/or breastfeeding journey. If you're sick of using Google and not knowing what to believe or always think of questions as soon as you leave an appointment my Text & Email Support is exactly what you need. Most parents have questions such as "where is the safest place for our baby to sleep?", "what should we dress baby in?", "why is our baby so windy?", "is it safe to take this medication while I'm pregnant/breastfeeding?", "when can I start pumping?" or "how do we introduce a bottle?". For answers to all these questions plus general advice and guidance, at any time of the day or night, I'm only ever a message away. 

If you're getting ready to go back to work and would like a plan so you can continue breastfeeding. Or if, for any reason, you have decided to stop breastfeeding and would like the transition to be as stress-free as possible. A Weaning or Returning to Work appointment will ensure you get the valuable support you're entitled to.

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Medicate benefits may apply until baby is 6 weeks of age.

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Baby Business

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