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Heart Therapeutics

Noosaville, Queensland, 4566

Nothing but the best will do.
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Boutique apothecary creating naturopathically formulated herbal teas, wellness products and accessories. Sustainable packaging and organic ingredients.

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Heart Therapeutics
Business Owner/Operator
Misha Moran
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64 Gateway Dr
Unit 40
Noosaville, Queensland, 4566
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About Heart Therapeutics


Heart Therapeutics is a boutique Apothecary based in Noosa, Queensland. Founded by Qualified Naturopath, Chef, self-care advocate and strong ambassador for sustainability; Misha Moran.

Heart Therapeutics specialises in the best herbal teas that impart potent therapeutic properties whilst tasting amazing. Using only certified Organic Ingredients and locally sourced Australian natives each herbal tea blend is mindfully created to set the scene for the most perfect daily ritual for you to embrace.

The foundation of Heart Therapeutics is Connection; Connection to self, to others, and to the earth. It is no wonder then why Heart Therapeutics herbal teas are one of Australia's best tea brands, cherished by many across the country for its passionate self care philosophy and deep emphasis on sustainability.

No matter what phase of life you are in we have something special for you. Whether you are searching for pregnancy and breastfeeding tea, tea for immunity, digestion or stress; we have got what you are looking for. Misha's qualifications including a deep love of traditional herbal medicine paired with the respect for scientific validation and her time as a chef, serves you up more than just an average cup of tea. Each herb selected is there not only for its flavour profile but for its therapeutic and traditional use. A combination not found in your average Australian tea brand.

So from Misha's Heart to yours, she hopes you find peace and love in every sip 


Heart Therapeutics FindHer Product or Service

$16.95 In Stock
Rancho Relaxo
Heart Therapeutics

THE BEST HERBAL TEA BLEND FOR STRESS, SLEEP AND ANXIETY Rancho Relaxo is by far one of the most popular... View More

$16.95 In Stock
Heart Therapeutics

HERBAL TEA FORMULATION FOR SKIN HEALTH, VITALITY AND RADIANCE Cleopatra the Egyptian Queen known for her vital... View More

$16.95 In Stock
All Heart
Heart Therapeutics

  All Heart is our signature herbal tea blend. This gentle herbal tea remedy will help to support your... View More



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