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Women-Owned Businesses in Australia Lotus and Lilly Designs in Mackay QLD

Lotus and Lilly Designs

Artists + Art
Mackay, Queensland, 4740

Embrace your adventurous spirit!
Business Bio
Embrace your adventurous spirit!

With Wearable Art & products inspired by exotic destinations.

Finding beauty in the world, whether it's through colour or texture or just blowing your mind with something you didn't know existed before you saw it.

Danielle has over 40 years experience in creative industries. A professional artist, she has also worked for many decades in Graphic Design, Wide Format Digital Printing & 3M Installation along with a trade background as a Traditional Brush Sign Writer.

Lotus and Lilly Designs caters to clients and customers with a desire for travel inspired artworks & wearable art clothing, both organic and digital.
She also offers a graphic Design service.
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Lotus and Lilly Designs
Business Owner/Operator
Danielle Brown
Industry Category
Artists + Art
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Mackay, Queensland, 4740

About Lotus and Lilly Designs

Embrace your adventurous spirit!

With wearable art clothing and products inspired by exotic destinations.

About the Artist

Hi, I am Danielle Brown, an Australian Artist and Graphic Designer and the proud founder and owner of my business Lotus and Lilly Designs. 
I specialise in creating unique art with a traveller's eye.

"Finding beauty in the world whether it's through colour or texture or just blowing your mind with something you didn't know existed before you saw it." 

I've always loved to travel, and it's been a dream of mine to create art that shows how much I love it. 

   Danielle Lilly Brown Artist and Graphic DesignerWhy did I start my business?

I believe that art is a wonderful way to capture a place in time and make it last.
 For me personally I love to bring home small items from my trips. A cup, a small sculpture or a piece of jewellery specific to that region or country. 
Placed thoughtfully in my home, I often view or wear these pieces and they instantly transport me right back to that wonderful place. Bringing lovely memories to the surface and reliving that holiday.

Wearable Art Clothing and products and what they can do for you.

With my art and products, I hope to inspire you and encourage you to show off your unique style and sense of fun, along with no doubt a love of travel too.
Each piece has its own story: Fun and funky to soulful and serious, my travel experiences and memories are melded together in creating beautiful art and products that have captured the essence of that destination.
To satisfy your uniqueness and my wanderlust, I have it all covered. With a distinctive blend of art and textiles, the results are an eclectic range of products that bring a story or a memory to life and embody the spirit of travel within you.

Graphic Design Service. 

What is it and how can I help you?

I have 40 years in the signwriting industry and 10+ years of industry experience working as a professional Artist, Graphic Designer and Wide Format Digital Printer.
I know the processes from front to back. If you require business card design, logo design, speciality signage, I can set up your artwork and have it ready for production. 
Along with print ready and specialty graphic work, I will soon be offering a bespoke service on my existing wearable art and products. 
Stay tuned for updates on this service.

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If I haven't already convinced you that you need some adventurous wearable art in your life, check out some of my fun and funky products below!!

Shop the brand here and view all of my wearable art clothing and product collections.

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I just delighted to have had you visit and learn about

Lotus and Lilly Designs.

Stop by my website and have a look for yourself at just what I can do for YOU. 

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But the most important thing of all. YOU DO YOU!! 

That's right Embrace your adventurous spirit!


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